Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tied Right to my Vertebrae

Match Maker, Match Maker I have fallen into a ditch. I have lost all my desire and will to live. Match Maker, Match Maker how did you pair us up like this. The timing isn't working and everything is glitched. I am falling into the holes within everything that slowly comes together and is quickly ripped apart. Match Maker, Match Maker I am wavering with my senses. My heart is in my head and my head is in my thoart. I keep swallowing all of the thoughts and all of the integrity that I have. Match Maker, Match Maker I cannot deny my ambition and deny my strive to such situation because I surely do love all that is good and even the bad has started to sprout little pieces of sparkle. Do not let me be blind, by all of this greatness and do not let me be jaded by all of the hatred. Match Maker, Match Maker what have you done. Linking one without the other and others with the one. Letting it all ravel and unravel all in the same dance move of cohesive passion. Counting the days that are linked and slowly shuffling the things that don't protain to me away, out of sight out of mind but never far, tied right to my vertebrae I can feel you in my bones and this isn't about a song.

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